Grads, where are your blogs?

MailGuard is at the end of the hiring process for a new junior marketing assistant. We were looking for someone with less than a year’s experience to help with some cool stuff and be cheap. The candidates that made it to my desk had already made it past the first hurdle. I had a dozen or so applications to review.

Oh dear.

The best advice I can give is prove you are interested in the discipline you are being hired for. This applies ten times if you don’t have if any experience. A blog is the best way to do this because it shows me your personality, thought process and passions. Portfolios and Github commits show off your skills, but not who you are. When I’m hiring at this junior level, I’m looking for someone to mentor and invest time in. I only want to mentor someone that is interested and invested in their own development.

Your degree puts you on equal footing with everyone else. How are you proving that you’re better!?

I’ll make it easy for you. You only need to start blogging in your last year of studies. By this time you should know what kinds of jobs you want. Content matters, not design. Write about a topic you studied. Write about related news. Write about companies you like. Do that once a month.

Make me excited to get you in for an interview. Please.

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