PeepCode's Ember tutorial is essential

From my previous post on my learning progress, you’ll know I was running through a few Ember tutorials. Through these I learnt a bit, but I wasn’t grasping Ember’s MVC concept with the single model example apps. I was starting to feel like an idiot.

Fortunately, an off topic comment on Hacker News lead to me pointing out the tutorial limitations. A kind gentleman pointed me to the Ember tutorial on PeepCode. It was obvious from the description that this was exactly what I needed. There were screenshots of an example app with multiple associated models in the same view. Perfect.

Now that I’ve finished passively watching the lesson (not coding along), I know perfect is the perfect description. The tutorial didn’t only show how to create a multi-model app. That’s what I thought I needed. I really needed a solid explanation of the Ember basics. I needed to properly understand Ember’s MVC concept. I needed to be shown the automagic of Ember’s non-coding.

Summary: If you’re new to Ember start with PeepCode’s Ember tutorial.