Why I love giving feedback

I suck at following my own advice. CS Workflow’s website is pretty bad, we’re not active on social media and the amount of content we’re producing is only slightly more than none (there’s good stuff in the pipeline).

I seem to forget the basics when working on my own projects. For an example on top of the one’s already given, I forgot to add authorisation to Blog Secret Santa to stop people being able to edit each other’s account details. I fixed that a couple of hours after it went live, but still.

The point of this post wasn’t self deprecation, it was to remind myself of how much I get from giving other people feedback. I generally give feedback with the selfless intention of making the world better. I love startups, internet technologies and content, so don’t need any excuse to delve into those areas. From self deprecation to humble bragging…

I love giving feedback because it shames me into following my own advice. “I can’t say that if I’m not doing it,” I think to myself. Giving feedback is a mirror to my own efforts.

Beyond self reflection is simple exercise. Flexing the thinking muscle sharpens the saw and give me new perspectives and inspiration

Beyond all self improvement is making and building friendships. Friends in need of feedback are friends indeed. Friends are great and the win-win of helping them with feedback is the winningest of the win-wins.

I’m rewriting CS Workflow’s website content because of giving feedback to on someone else’s website. This will lead to a redesign. Of course, the content updates are based on feedback selflessly shared by others. Thanks David Siddall and Max Johns.